VoIP Telephone Systems in Salt Lake City, UT

Unite all company locations on one communications platform
Internet speed up to 1 GIG. Riding our 100 GIG backbone
Provide a rich set of communication and collaboration features across the enterprise
Let Veracity manage your voice & data needs so you can focus on your core business not your chore business
Save money by eliminating hardware acquisition and maintenance costs; all upgrades and maintenance taken care of in the cloud
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VoIP Hosted Phones

Less Need for IT Support

With this system, relying on IT for support and training will become a thing of the past. Our simple, intuitive user interface allows you to add and delete users and enable additional features. All of this and more can be completed from your very own computer.

Phone Service Features

There are many features available to you with a Hosted VoIP system. To name a few, you can have voicemails automatically forwarded to your email, have calls from a remote office appear as if they came from your main office, integrate with Outlook or your company’s CRM, and receive the clearest business calls available in Salt Lake City.

Focus on Your Business

There are so many responsibilities for today’s business owner to think about. We believe that your phone system should rarely be on your list of issues. It should reliably help you as you take care of your job duties.

Staying focused on your core objectives is one of the best ways to stay competitive in today’s business climate.Veracity helps you accomplish this by managing your business communications off-site. While we work behind the scenes to make sure things work properly, your office will enjoy the benefits of advanced features and productivity tools like voice, video, and wireless.